Danny phantom fanfiction danny hates sam

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Danny phantom fanfiction danny hates sam

Phantom Offspring. Summary: Every three years, ghosts enter a reproductive cycle.

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It has been three years since the Portal Accident, and Danny enters his first reproductive cycle without knowing it. One would think without a ghost for a mate, nothing would come of it, but ghost biology is a little stranger than that.

In this case, I was inspired by part of an episode for one of the Ben 10 shows that I saw while doing a wiki-walk through YouTube. As much as Danny wished he could avoid his parent's lab, he was really left with no choice but to spend several hours a week down there with the portal.

All ghosts needed ectoplasm to survive, and half-ghosts like Danny were not the exception to the rule. Sure, they did not need as much ectoplasm for their power as a full ghost since they could supplement their bodies with food and sleep, but Danny still needed ectoplasm for his ghost form to function.

And that meant that he had to stay close to his parent's portal for at least several hours a week, allowing his ghost form to soak in the stray ectoplasm the portal emitted. Thankfully, his parents let him keep his computer down here, so he didn't have to find an excuse to stay near the portal when his ghost side got hungry. He had spent the last few hours playing some Doom 2 with Tucker and Sam as a cover for him 'feeding' in case his parents came home.

danny phantom fanfiction danny hates sam

But, just as Sam helped them win the game for the second time that month, Danny realized that he was hungry. The human sort of hungry. GG, guys. Danny typed into the game's message system.

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I've gotten enough you know what 2 eat. Time 4 me 2 get some food. Bye Sam. Danny quickly replied before he logged out of Doom and jumped out of his seat.

He quickly made his way over to the stairs and began to hop them two at a time. But, before he could go to the kitchen, the smell of something good stopped him in his tracks. Confused, he glanced back the way he'd come.

danny phantom fanfiction danny hates sam

Sure, it was not unusual for his father to leave fudge down in the lab, but this didn't smell like fudge. Maybe he had left something down in the lab? He made his way back down the stairs, sniffing around the lab to find the source of the delicious smell. When he found it, Danny almost vomited.The students jeered at him as he passed, throwing paper balls and sticking him with their pencils.

Somebody stuck out their foot and Danny tripped, dropping his backpack and cracking his head on a desk. An African American boy who wore large glasses sat on his left, while a dark haired girl with dark purple eyes sat on his right. They both looked at Danny concerned, because he was their best friend and he hadn't told them what was wrong. Why was he late this time? Was it an attack? Why didn't he call them? The boy with the glasses tried to get Danny's attention, but he stared blankly ahead.

The girl glanced at him worried, but returned her attention to the front of the class. Lancer spoke up. He turned to the TV, remote in hand. Tucker Foley took that moment to try and get Danny's attention once more.

Tucker reluctantly turned around, sending a piteous look at Sam Manson, who was hoping her friend was alright. I'm here on the latest update on our town hero, Danny Phantom, who is fighting a ghost right here, right now. Danny's eyes focused on the screen, as if in a trance. The class cheered. This newscast was about Phantom!

The screen showed a green, black, and red blur, before the camera focused, showing Danny Phantom facing none other than Vlad Plasmius at the park. On the screen, Phantom charged up an ectoblast in his hand, glaring hard at Plasmius, who just smiled. How many times have I told you? Your attempts at squashing my interest in our kind is pointless.

Join me, and I will teach you all you need to know. Don't let your obsession get the best of you.

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Phantom's eyes glowed a brighter green. You don't even know what my obsession is, you creepy bastard! He then pulled out a strange looking gun and it glowed red. The gun let out a high whine as it charged up.

Plasmius fired the gun right at Phantom's chest. There was a bright green blur and suddenly Phantom was pinned to the ground. Phantom untangled himself from the pile of black and white.

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In his arms lay a young female ghost whose long white hair was pulled back into a ponytail.And yep, the description was correct!

I am writing a MerDanny fanfic! Those who know me on DA have maybe seen my art based on the idea already.

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If not, you can go check it out! If not, that's fine also. I'll also be posting this story on DA so feel free to check it out there as well. The sound of papers being shoved away filled the room, along with excited chatter. Chairs were noisily pushed in and students quickly filed out of the door into the sea of people in the hallway. A thin raven-haired boy stopped at his locker, nervously looking over his shoulder before opening it.

Several books were hurriedly transferred from the blue compartment to the boy's lavender backpack. The boy jumped when a hand touched his shoulder, whipping around and holding his hands up in defense.

Sam kisses Dash!

Every article of clothing she was wearing had black somewhere on it, even though the temperature was rarely below 70 degrees in the town.

Her hair was pulled up into the usual half-ponytail with some left over, hanging down on both sides of her face.

Her appearance was topped with purple lipstick and natural lavender eyes. He's really been a pain in the butt lately The girl rolled her purple eyes. He wouldn't beat up a girl, after all. Danny shrugged on his backpack, and the three teenagers began their walk to the front of the school. They were alone in the hallways; the rest of the school was already long gone. A blast of warm, salty air blew into the halls as the trio exited through the front doors.

Seagulls could be heard in the distance, as well as the faint sound of crashing waves. Amity Cove was a small beach-side town in Southern California. It may have seemed like an ordinary place, at a glance. But, for decades, the town had had a certain unique problem. Yes, you heard or technically read right.It had been 3 months since Sam had started dating Gregor. Tucker had been hanging out with them so Danny was on his own. He was currently at work on his afternoon rounds.

He was fighting Technus right that second. And where are your friends? Danny hit him with an Ecto Ray. While they were fighting he was having trouble with what it was this time. About twenty minutes later he was in the thermos.

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Danny was covered in scratches, ghost blood and bruises. While he was at work people were surprised at how bad he looked when they saw him fighting. He had told his parents that he was Danny Phantom and they accepted him like he thought they would and let him keep doing it. When he was done he was exhausted.

Sure enough he was home. When they saw him they were shocked at how bad he looked. After that he went to the lab and cleaned up the thermos. When he was done with that he went to his room and fell asleep. A few hours later he was woken up by his ghost sense. He whined but got up and went to work. It was Plasmius this time. I'm the only one that can really get rid of them! Mom and dad aren't very good, the Guys in White suck, and Valerie had to stop after her dad finding out!

His parents heard it and ran outside.Hello, FanFiction readers. I have a new flavor of Danny Phantom for you to try. I decided to try a pairing that I feel deserves more attention. Danny and Kitty. Why have I chosen to write one? Well, my first reason would be that you the fans voted for this. My second reason I'll share with you soon. Besides my usual warning for my M rated stories, I would like to caution you on the darker tone this has compared to my previous stories.

Also, for those fans of Sam that are still here despite my pairing, you may not like what I have done to her.

Those were the words coming from the radio in the bar as Kitty continued to sip on her strawberry daiquiri.

danny phantom fanfiction danny hates sam

A scowl was clear on her face as she brought the glass to her lips for another sip. He forgot our anniversary. The bartender gave her a sympathetic look as he continued to clean the bar top.

She sighed before she began to rub her temples to ease the headache she was developing. At least Danny and I got along during the short time we had together. Kitty began to seriously think about her relationship with Johnny in the past few months. First was their initial escape attempt from the Ghost Zone. Johnny had made it but she had been trapped. To find a way to bring herself into the human realm instead of going back to the Zone, she had given Johnny some of the gifts he had given her when they were still alive.

Her jacket, one of the first gifts he had given her when they had started to date.After battling the Fright Night for five hours last night he was immediately ambushed by Skulker and Ember, whom had decide that they would stand a better chance if they attacked together instead of separately, for another two hours, then had to fight his parent after they had caught him in the middle of the battle field and thought that he had decided to go on a rampage.

When he finally managed to ditch his parents and get back into bed, he managed to stitch himself up and drop his head onto the pillow just as his alarm happened to go off right next to his ear.

danny phantom fanfiction danny hates sam

His response to the sudden and rude awakening, like any sleep deprived teenager, was, unplugging the machine and throwing it out of his second story window where it crashed to the ground and broke into a million pieces.

This was not the smartest idea ever because at that very moment Danny's parents pulled into the driveway and saw the clock break. Like him, Maddie Fenton was not a morning person, coupled together with the trade mark Fenton female anger issues resulted in her charging up to Danny's room and giving him a nice long chewing out about them not being made of money. Danny just gritted his teeth and ignored the little voice in his head screaming at him to tell his parents too shut up and fry them both with a plasma-ray.

Once his mother stormed out of his room, Danny sighed and went into his bathroom to shower, then dressed for the morning to come. Ignoring his stomachs despite pleas for a half decent meal, he grabbed an apple out of the bowl and walked out the door to school. He thought back to when his mother and father were in his room, screaming at him.

Got he hated them. He searched himself for any feelings of guilt, but found nothing. It had been this way ever since he had asked his parents a seemingly harmless question.

How could he have possibly known that by asking them; if he became a ghost, would they still try to hunt him down and destroy him, would make him hate them? They answered honestly of course, saying that he wouldn't be himself anymore, that he would be evil, do nothing but kill and try to satisfy his need for power.

He hated them with every fibre of his being. Danny bit into his apple as he slandered down the street and spotted his best friend Samantha Manson or just Sam unless you want a slow and very painful death. Sam was in her usual attire, black plaid skirt with hints of green, combat boots, purple tights, black chocker around her neck, and black shirt with a purple oval in the middle that showed off her mid drift.

Danny couldn't help but smile at the sight of her. Unfortunately for him, Sam was one of the few people in Amity Park that didn't possess the clueless jean as they liked to call it. Much to his embarrassment though, his stomach growled very loudly, causing Sam to utter a small laugh before digging into her backpack and pulling out a few of the chocolate covered granola bars Danny loves so much.

Danny took them, grateful that he had a friend like Sam that knew him so much, now if only she could see how much Danny cared about her. The two walked to school while Danny filled Sam in on the details of his ghost fighting last night. When he was finished Sam grabbed him and held him in a comforting embrace, resting her chin on the top of his head.Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom or any of the characters.

I also do not own any of the characters utilized in this crossover,they all belong to their respective owners. Deep within the Ghost Zone, the home for the most ghostly and ghastly being of all kind, a battle was ensuing between two of it's most infamous figures. It was yet another fight between notorious half ghost kid, Danny Phantom, against his arch enemy, the elder halfa, Vlad Plasmius.

He managed to get his hands on it but Danny, who had also come with his friends to visit his ghostly friend Frostbite to show off his progress with his ice powers, learned about this, managed to find Vlad and now the two halfa's were fighting over The Infi-Map, while Tucker and Sam tried to help from within the safety of the Spectrer Speeder.

Vlad responded by creating a red ecto shield, deflecting the blows, though he got mad at one thing. Thankfully, they are alright, they were hurt, just a little bit in a daze and the Speeder thankfully wasn't too damaged.

Danny turned around just in time to see another blast about to hit him, which he managed to dodge at the last second. However, the young teen hero growled as he looked up at Vlad, who still has the Infi-Map in his hands and a smug look on his face.

However, Vlad and Danny either dodged or deflected whatever the other sent their way, making it a very annoying and frustrating round between them as they tried to get the Infi-Map away from the other.

Vlad shouted as he sent more blasts, though his brief bout of anger made him a little sloppy…and open. Which is what Danny was counting on…He dodged the blasts, made a reach for the Infi-Map and managed to get his hand on one hand, and Vlad still has his grimy mitts on the other end of it.

The two halfa's then ended up having a tug of war of all things over one of the most artifacts in the entire Ghost Zone. Tucker and Sam, who had recovered from their crash, looked up to see the tug of war between the two ghosts and looked confused before they realized that Danny could use some help. However, before either of them could do something to aid their best friend, something happened.

You see, while the Infi Map is indeed a powerful artifact…it is still a map, and having two powerful ghosts keep pulling it in opposite directions at full strength resulted in only one conclusion. Danny and Vlad flew aways back and soon looked in horror at the ripped halves of the one proud Infi-Map in their hands.

However, before Vlad could do anything, something else happened…the two halves of the Infi-Map suddenly started emitting a strange, green aura and Danny and Vlad looked confused.

A large explosion happened and the green aura ended up confusing both Vlad and Danny. Tucker and Sam had watched the explosion from the safety of the Specter Speeder and braced for cover. Once it was over, they looked to check and see if Danny was alright.

However, to their surprise, they didn't see any sign of their best friend, Vlad or the two halves of the Infi-Map. Remember to read and review :. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Danny Phantom. After yet another battle with Vlad over the Infi-Map, it gets damanged and Danny winds up going to a series of alternate dimension and comes across another version of himself.

Meanwhile, Vlad tries to team up with his own alternate self as well. Let's find out. Danny managed to dodge it, and sent him an eye roll. Before they could say that they are, Sam's eyes widen in horror. He then got an idea…the best way to get under Vlad's skin before he even notices… "Geez Plasmius, all this over a silly little map…wouldn't you have more fun being at home with the love of your life…'Danny started, then sent a sarcastic grin at his enemy… "Oh, wait.

The Infi-Map was ripped in half?!


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